Casino and Gambling Deities in Various Cultures


Whether you are religious or not, you know that luck plays a significant role in gambling. That is why you can try to ask for divine intervention to win millions of dollars on your Casino And Gambling Deities. You might want to know who among these casinos and gambling deities to pray to for that luck.

Casino And Gambling Deities Hermes


Gambling has been around since old times. Ancient Greeks and some modern Hellenism believers believe that Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades separated the universe by gambling. Because of this, it is not a surprise that some deity should play the role of the god of gambling.

Hermes, for the Greek, is the gods’ messenger. People also know him as Mercury for Roman. Aside from being the gods’ messenger and a trickster, Hermes is also the god of gaming, income, and gambling.


If you think Hermes is extremely busy overseeing other stuff because of his other tasks as the gods’ messenger and as a god of mischief, language, travel, etc. You can go and ask help to the more focused deity, Fortuna or Tyche for Greeks

As her name implies, Tyche is the goddess of luck and fortune.

Casino And Gambling Deities Xochipilli

Xochipilli’s other popular name is Macuilxochitl, who is one of the Ahuiateteo, a group of five gods of the excess. This group embodies the gods of overindulgence, whether it is gambling or drinking.

You do not want to get into the deity’s negative side because he does not want you to live in excess. Aztecs believed him to cause boils and other diseases that got into the wrong side of him.

Five is a symbol of overindulgence to them. That is why Xochipilli’s other name, Macuilxochitl, means a five-flower. The other gods that belong to this group also have words that start with five.

Aztecs sought his help when they wanted to play games. Aside from being the god of gambling, he is also the god of creative pleasures, such as painting, dancing, writing, etc.



If you frequently buy lottery tickets, you should seek the help of Nezha. This deity is a gift of the jade emperor who sent him to Lady Yin’s womb, wife of Li Jing, to conquer the earth’s demons.

What was unique about Nezha was that he was a young boy at birth. He was a fleshy ball splat by his father into two, and there he came as a young boy. Nezha died by committing suicide to protect his family from shame when he killed the son of Dragon King Ao Guang.

However, Taiyi Zhenren resurrected him and fought with his father.

Chinese describe Nezha as a god who is naughty enough to reveal lottery numbers.

Casino And Gambling Deities Thoth

Egyptians are famous for their mythology. If you know it, most likely know who Thoth is. If not, you might have seen him in various movies, arts, and other creative works as an Egyptian god with an ibis bird head.

Thoth is a god of various things that include magic, moon, gambling, and wisdom.

What was unique about Thoth was that he created himself.

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