Most Famous and Successful Gamblers of All Time

Most Famous and Successful Gamblers of All Time

If there is one career that you can do that does not require much physical effort but can still make you rich, you need to gamble, figuratively, and literally. The famous and successful gamblers of all time have proven that it is possible to be rich and make a living out of gambling. However, only a few are lucky.

Do not be mistaken, though, because gambling involves a lot of risks. These successful gamblers could outwit the gambling odds and strategies, which you should learn to become a part of these lists. If you think you can do what they did and need someone to look up to, read on.

Famous and successful gamblers of all time “Edward Thorp”


Edward Thorp is famous for his book Beat the Dealer. This book elaborates his techniques on card counting that he used to gamble in different gambling places.

He started with 10,000 USD and ended up winning 11,000 USD at the weekend. What was even more impressive was that he developed his techniques without the aid of computers and other technology.

His method shook up the casino industry. Because of this, some of his techniques are illegal nowadays.

You are probably curious how Edward Thorp did it. If you do not know him, Thorp was a math professor, which means that he used his expertise to beat the blackjack house edge.

“MIT Blackjack Team”

If you are a gambler by heart and are starting to make it a career, it is impossible not to know the MIT Blackjack Team. Its operation began in 1979 when a group of MIT alumni crashed the Vegas and used its learned theories to apply in card counting.

Many knew that it was a risky endeavor, so many members opted out. However, many new faces have also been becoming a part of this team. If you think that joining this group is easy, you are wrong.

You should demonstrate your skills, and you also have to undergo training before using the team’s money to gamble.

Since it started, the team has won millions from casinos already.

Famous and successful gamblers of all time “Don Johnson”


Don Johnson won a whopping 15.1 million in just six months of playing in the three Atlantic City casinos. It only means that the strategy he used was sufficient.

What made his technique unique was that he did not use the famous counting cards technique. His style works through positive expectations. What he did was he played on the blackjack rules that would only provide a house edge of 0.26 percent, and negotiated rebate loss to work this small edge into his advantage.

“Phil Hellmuth, Jr.”

It is impossible not to feel impressed by a guy who won the World Series of Poker Bracelets more than 10 times, and this guy’s name is Phil Hellmuth Jr. His personality of being temperamental has become his well-known characteristic.

You can say that Hellmuth is a lucky man because he has never graduated from College. He was, in fact, a troublesome student in his teens. However, he became one of the best and famous poker players who won him hundreds to millions of dollars.

Even though his temperament has been his notable characteristic during the play, he said that he was only expressing his emotions, so it will not affect his performance.

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