How to Overcome Compulsive Gambling Addiction

How to Overcome Compulsive Gambling Addiction

Although there is little good news on people making a living out of professional gambling, there are these sad stories of people who committed various crimes and ruined their lives because of gambling addiction. Whether you are a gambling addict or not, you should be aware of how to overcome compulsive gambling addiction to help someone you know and become aware of it.

Gambling addiction only proves that gambling is the field that is not for you. That is why once it becomes your problem, you need to stop.

If you have this condition or your loved one does, you should do something.

Overcome compulsive gambling addiction “Admit It to Yourself”


Some addicts are in denial that they have a problem, although it is already evident to those people around them. To know that you suffer from compulsive gambling, you exhibit some of the following signs:

  • Uncontrollable urge to gamble
  • Having massive debts
  • Social relationship issues because of gambling
  • Spends a lot of time on gambling
  • Spending money more than what you can afford
  • Lies because of gambling habits
  • Gambling habits interfere with your job performance
  • Committing various crimes to come up with the money to gamble

Make a Decision to Stop

Like any other kind of addiction, stopping from gambling allows you to experience the urge to do it still. That is why the sufferer should make a whole-hearted and determined decision to quit. It is a challenging process, but conquerable.

What you can do is to stay away from temptation. Turn off your phone or block gambling websites, or stay away from gambling places.

In case you revert into gambling because of that uncontrollable urge, do not be hard on yourself. Keep on track, and avoid temptations.

Focus on Other Activities


You should be aware of what is triggering you to gamble. Some of the triggers are boredom, sadness, stress, anger, etc. If you experience an emotion that triggers you to gamble, focus on doing other healthy activities, such as painting, cooking, dancing, and other creative hobbies.

Creative hobbies will take your mind off from the urge and will also make you feel better.

Overcome compulsive gambling addiction “Find Support”

If you are battling gambling addiction, it is crucial to contact people who support your fight against this problem. If you think that your family is unsupportive or possibly the main reason for your urge to gamble, you can always find support groups and friends.

You can gain friends by joining various organizations, volunteering, signing up for classes, etc.

Seek Therapy

Most of the time, gambling is an outlet for an underlying issue, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional problems. It is crucial to resolve this issue if you want to conquer your gambling issue. If not, it will be easy to revert to your gambling habits if you have an unresolved emotional issue.

Gambling is fun and rewarding if you know where to position yourself, and you know the roundabouts of your game. However, gambling addiction is never fun. If you or someone you know suffers from it, you should do something to help.

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