Haunted Casinos Never Want to Go Alone

Haunted Casinos Where You Would Never Want to Go Alone

Having some adventure can be fun and exciting, especially if you are with your friends. However, will you have the guts to have some experience alone in the following haunted casinos?

Haunted casinos “Bally‚Äôs Las Vegas”


Being at a hotel and casino must be fun if you are up for a romantic getaway or bonding with your family and friends. However, you will think twice if you would want to be alone in Bally’s Hotel Casino. If there is a haunted casino that should rank in the top spot, it should be the Bally’s Hotel-Casino.

Once standing before Bally’s Las Vega came into the picture was the MGM Grand. On November 21, 1980, an accident took place. The faulty electrical system caused a fire and one of the deadliest in the history of Nevada hotels.

This incident has killed 85 people, most of them while they were in their sleep, and injured more than 600 people.

Now that it is standing as Bally’s Las Vegas, many employees and guests reported ghosts’ sightings walking the halls.

Luxor Las Vegas

Luxor Las Vegas houses some artifacts that are popular among tourists. Among these is the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition that presents several objects recovered from the wreckage, including its part.

Many employees claim that due to it, they see ghosts of dead passengers. There are also unexplained incidents that often happen, such as opening and closing of doors.

Aside from the dead Titanic passengers, employees and guests also claim to see ghosts of construction workers who died in some accidents while building the establishment. They also see ghosts of guests who committed suicide from jumping the balcony.

Haunted casinos “Flamingo Hotel-Casino”

If you are willing to meet someone famous, this could be your chance even if he is from the afterlife. A mobster named Bugsy Siegel helped develop the Flamingo Hotel-Casino. Many guests and employees claim to see Bugsy’s sightings in the pool and the casino’s presidential suite.

Bugsy did not die in this place, though. He was at his girlfriend’s house in California when an assassin shot him in the head. However, it seems like Bugsy’s spirit found solace in the place he helped develop, but it caused an employee to quit her job because he terrified her during her shift.

Tropicana Las Vegas


Tropicana Las Vegas used to house a wooden tiki mask displayed on the entrance. Many guests claimed that this mask contains a trapped spirit that caused a purple rash upon touching it. Many guests also claimed that it also emanated purple haze when they tried to take a picture along with it.

Because of it, the Tropicana management decided to get rid of the mask, which only stirred more rumors on people.

If you have ever been to one of these places, you now know that you should be wary next time. Your lucky streak might not be due from pure luck at all. It might be because of these deceased individuals who were probably whispering in your ear.

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